Does DJ Tira have testicular cancer? Death Hoax Debunked

Dj Tira death hoax caught on Twitter and spread like wildfire, later debunked by falsifying report. The news of the African music producer devastated his fans on Twitter when news of testicular cancer took over the app.

dj Tira twitter death hoax
dj Tira twitter death hoax (Source: Mobile )

Nowadays, the DJ seems to be the highlight many times; however, sometimes they are false rumors. The DJ’s Rumors of the Death hoax was debunked soon after the music artist tweeted on his Instagram account with the caption “Sulumlomo way tonite”.

Many followers and fans believed in this story and prayed for her sake, while some tweeted, saying it was just another rumor.

As can be seen from the star’s social account, he is actively involved in his profession and shows his fans his episodes of everyday life. You are working on the Appointment and contact him by booking it at 0728402010.

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Where’s DJ Tira now?

After Dj Tira married his love, Gugu Kathi, in October 2016, they started living together in Dublin.

The artist currently resides in Dublin, a city in South Africa, with his wife and three children, Junior, Chase and Gigi (two sons and a daughter).

DJ Tira and his wife Gugu Khathi
DJ Tira and his wife Gugu Khathi (Source: Zalebs)

As per the artist’s Instagram post the name @daughter, He is seen performing in front of crowds at the Empire Cafe Davenport, located in Durban, South Africa. The African DJ is still working with Afrotainment labels since 2007 and is still working on his music career.

In addition to producing records and DJing, he is also a businessman. The African artist has amassed a wealth of $ 2.2 million in net worth from his career and business from him, which he spends luxuriously with his family, going on vacation, traveling, concerts and many more.

DJ Tira is a South African record producer

South African DJ Tara is a popular Kwaito record producer and music artist with several albums. Some of the albums he has released since 2012 are Ezase Afre Vol: 1 & 2, Ikhenanim, 21 Years Of Dj Tira, Rocstar and many more.

dj Tira discovered Gqom music
dj Tira discovered Gqom music (Source: News365)

In 2004, an African artist won the annual FM metro music awards for best compilation album. Likewise, in 2020, he was awarded the Special Achievement Awards from the 1st KZN Entertainment award. The DJ has been nominated for various awards for best live show, a record of the year and best Kwaito / Gqom at the South African Music Awards.

Khathi began his high school music career in 1996 and, four years after his debut, released a record titled Real Makoya with DJ Khabzekla. After getting a record deal with Kalawa Jazmee in 2005, South Africa produced a commercial for the album Ezse Afro Vol. 1. This marked the beginning of the artist’s success.

Since then, the DJ has presented several albums, among which the most famous pieces he made are listed as Umsinfo, Ungesabi Malume, Tsege Tsege and Sifuno abo Chomi.

The African DJ discovered Gqom music and made it his own, thanks to which he gained irreplaceable fame in the African music industry.

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