Gogglebox Star By Kershaw Cause of death

As already mentioned, Gogglebox star Di Kershaw was ill for a couple of months and left this life at 76 due to throat cancer. However, more details about her death have yet to be released.

Di and her husband have been The Gogglebox’s favorite couple since the show first aired in 2015. Shine Australia produced Gogglebox Australia, one of Australia’s most popular reality TV shows. In this show, people check and comment on the week’s popular TV shows and movies in their homes.

Di was primarily known for her sense of humor and animal magnetism. Her hilarious laugh of hers was the main attraction for the audience. In 2020 she was awarded the Order of the Medal of Australia for her important work in the visual arts.

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Information about the Di Kershaw family

Beloved Gogglebox Australia star Di Kershaw was married to her support partner, Mick. They have two lovely adult children, Victoria and Alex. The Sydney-based couple is made up of indigenous art dealers who have happily had a marital relationship for more than 50 years.

Di Kershaw with his life partner, Mick
Di Kershaw with his life partner, Mick (Source: News)

On the contrary, her entire family was devastated by this news and felt blessed to receive immense love and support from the people. Mick worked as an advertising executive, but Di asked him to quit his job to focus on their passion. Mick accepted his decision and they started their own art gallery and dealership, which 30 years later is still progressing fabulously.

Furthermore, Di has kept his personal life away from his professional career. Hence, it is difficult to speculate more about his family. We will let you know once we have the relevant information on this topic.

How much is Di Kershaw’s net worth?

Di Kershaw’s net worth is approximately $ 5 million. However, its actual earnings are still under review. She was called a Gogglebox star and announced that their fans would not be seen in any future show episodes after diagnosing COVID in 2020.

They made this difficult decision and told their fans that they would always be grateful for their love and admiration. Di has amassed a satisfying amount of money in his career. Even though she is no longer with us, our prayers are always with her and may her soul deceive her rest in heaven.

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