How many children does Dave Navarro have?

Dave Navarro has no children until this writing. Navarro said in a 2013 interview with LA Weekly’s Danielle Bacher that he has no children and doesn’t want any. Dave is rumored to be the father of the popular TIkToker, Nick Navarro.

The rumors started when Nick claimed in one of his interviews that he is the son of the biggest celebrity and that his mother is a poster girl. However, he never revealed their identity to the media.

At the time, Dave Navarro appeared as a highlighted result when someone Google searched for “Nicky Nightmare father,” which fueled claims that the two were connected.

According to the most recent reports, Dave and Nick have denied any relationship. In one of the interviews, Dave Navarro stated that he has no idea about the young Nick.

Who is Nick Navarro?

Nicky Navarro, better known as Nicky Nightmare, is a Tiktok character, actor and musician. Since he joined the TikTok community, he has gained popularity and admiration. He attracted public attention as the son of legendary singer Dave Navarro.

Nicky Nightmare has over 465,000 fans on the social network TikTok and has over 18,000 followers on Instagram. He promoted his music on his social media channels.

Nicky Nightmare began his acting career in the Hollywood film Tales from the Other Side, where he worked alongside Roslyn Gentle, James Duval and Vernon Wells.

The 20-year-old TikTok star is known for her music production on the platform and has three singles outside 2021’s Glycerine and Runaway; Bad dream of 2022.

You know Dave Navarro’s wife

Dave has had three marriages. The name of his first wife was Tania Goddard-Saylor. Tania worked as a make-up artist. In 1990 he married Tania and they divorced in 1992.

Rhian Gittins was the name of his second wife. On October 15, 1994, he married Rhian, although they later divorced five days later. He spent very little time with his second wife.

Dave Navarro and his ex-wife Carmen Electra
Dave Navarro and his ex-wife Carmen Electra (Source: Pinterest)

Dave was married for the third time to Carmen Electra in November 2003 and divorced in 2007. The marriage was the longest Navarro had ever lived in four years. He is now a single man.

Dave Navarro net worth

Dave Navarro’s estimated net worth is approximately $ 25 million. Most of his earnings come from his great career as a singer. Dave has had tremendous success as an actor and presenter as well as his musical career.

One of the famous celebrities is the singer. On the list of important birthdays of June 7, 1967, Dave has earned a spot. He had saved money that he could use to buy expensive homes and branded goods.