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How Much Did She Make As The Host Of Dream Home Makeover?

Shea McGee, a professional and well-qualified interior designer, TV personality and blogger, has estimated that their net worth in 2022 is $ 5 Millions.

Shea and her husband Syd founded and CCO of Studio McGee & Co. in 2014. The business skyrocketed with all the hard work the couple put into it to the point where they launched the McGee & Co e-commerce brand, in 2016 , and since then, his career on the journey has continued to bear fruit.

The couple, Shea and Syd McGee, are living a luxurious life with tremendous success in their business (Source: Popsugar)

Additionally, Shea and Syd are the hosts of the Netflix Dream Home Makeover show, in which they communicate with customers and, based on their budget, the couple renovates the customer’s home with their unique concepts.

They became famous thanks to the show all over the world and people all over the country and around the world wanted this couple to design their home. So, from these shows and interior design work, this couple is making enough money for their luxurious life.

According to reports, Shea and his family are living a luxurious life as they own a dream home in Utah worth $ 2 million. Additionally, Shea’s earnings are increasing as he expands his business over the years by building many successful companies and brands.


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