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Is Kantu Lentz Moses Storm’s Wife? Relationship Timeline Age And Instagram

Additionally, Moses’ partner creates cinematic stories that unfold in alternate realities with the touch of magical elements of the kingdom.

She is a student of an AFI Directing Workshop for Women. While at the AFI, Kantu directed ‘Up Here’. Her short “Struck By Her” premiered for an Oscar and qualified for the 44th Annual US Film Festival.

Kantu Lentz tells People Chica his insights into the power of women through visual storytelling (Source: Imagesvc)

In the image above, Latin director Lentz shares her insights with Chica people on the power of women through visual storytelling.

In his direction, the short comedy, ‘Rollercoaster Break-up’ starring Moses Storm, went viral with over 8 million views.

Likewise, Moses’ girlfriend recently premiered her short film “Moses Storm’s Perfect Journey” at the Tribeca Film Festival. It is worth mentioning that Kantu Lentz worked as an assistant writer for Netflix Original “Ingobernable” in 2016.

To conclude, both partners have been actively involved in each other’s life since 2015. As for their marriage, they have not yet decided whether to get married soon. The couple seems to love their relationship and their life together.


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