Who is Juli Auclair Lipof? – Phil Lipof’s wife

Julie Auclair Lipof got married to Phil Lipof after they met through their work in Anchor careers. Juli is the former WHDH host who was featured on the news7 channel. She actively worked there for five years from 2001 to 2006 before retiring.

Juli Auclair Lipof likes to keep fit
Juli Auclair Lipof likes to keep fit (Source: Twitter )

In addition to working as a journalist, Phil’s wife has experience working for a variety of businesses such as content writing, marketing, and management. HRC fertility hired her for the role of Marketing Manager of social accounts.

The reporter similarly produced several videos and content on different professions. The journalist likes to define herself as the Spartan as a person of great courage and discipline. Besides them, a career she is very fond of is storytelling.

Currently, the former journalist lives with her husband in Boston along with their children. After the wedding, she gave birth to two children named Dylan Lipof and Daniella Lipof (son and daughter). Most of her business includes her family.

What happened to Juli Auclair Lipof? -The mysterious disease

Former journalist Juli Auclair Lipof has been suffering from the autoimmune disease LuPus for several decades. The person suffering from lupus has problems with both internal and external organs as the body’s immune system acts as a threat to the tissues and organs by attacking them.

The former reporter had muscle and joint pain, as well as fever at times. Her skin also had many rashes. But since you started treatment, these symptoms rarely occur. Her physical condition is improving a lot after the treatment.

Phil Lipof posts on Juli Auclair Lipof on his Twitter account
Phil Lipof posts on Juli Auclair Lipof in his Twitter account (Source: Twitter )

For this reason, Juli is said to be hardly affected by the common cold. During the time of the COVID-19 viral epidemic, she was more vulnerable and her husband had to work from home because of the danger to his wife.

Regarding Juli’s illness, her husband Phil had tweeted in his account on March 23, 2020, as “My wife Juli has lupus. Covid-19 would have hit her particularly hard. I risked my own life to cover the news of the day – but I won’t risk Juli’s. From tomorrow I’ll be broadcasting from home. Thinking of all of you who are worried. Stay safe. ”

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Juli Auclair Lipof family

The former News 7 reporter currently works and lives in Boston with his family.

Juli is married to well-known Anchor Phil Lipof WCVB, NBC, WBTS-old and NECN. Her daughter Daniela and her son Dylan are currently studying in Boston.

Juli Auclair Lipof with his family
Juli Auclair Lipof with his family (Source: Facebook)

The reporter was raised by her parents in North Andover, United States. She completed her school in hers in her hometown at Brook School. After completing high school, she earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Skidmore College.

In her Instagram, she mentioned Suzzane Auclair as her big sister. The details of her parents are quite unclear other than her own family.

Juli Auclair Lipof health update

Juli Auclair Lipof, suffering from lupus, is currently in good health thanks to his continuous care. However, lupus is a treatable disease that cannot be treated permanently. Treatment can only enhance the effect of the diseases.

The former journalist is currently active on social media where he shares his life with his 14.5 thousand followers.

As for the health condition of the journalist’s husband, Phil also had a serious condition in 2021 due to the severe reaction to DRESS drugs. The medicine he took had caused the rorter’s function to deteriorate which nearly resulted in his death. However, after treatment in the hospital for 8 days, he stabilized. It took nearly a month to recover his health.

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