Who is Judge Katherine Gray married to? Partner information

Blown Away judge Katherine Gray is married to Michael Andrew Barnett.

Michael Andrew is a business analyst working for Dallas-based software company Hyphen Solutions. He graduated from the University of Arkansas with a bachelor’s degree in government and from Harvard with a masters in government.

The couple exchanged vows in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Notre Dame, Indiana on August 11, 2021. Reverend John M. Santone, a Roman Catholic priest, officiated at the couple’s wedding.

A glass artist, Katherine hasn’t shared more about her married life on social sites. She may not want her life to collide with the life of celebrities. She could live her life happy with her with her husband.

Katherine Gray’s relationship with Nancy Callan

Katherine Gray and Nancy Callan are true friends.

They both met in the Seattle studio. Callan joined the studio late after Katherine Gray. Nancy has always wanted to be like Katherine because she is a great artist and a glass blower.

In one of the interviews, Nancy says, “We both had friends and friends blowing glass, but I realized very quickly that Kathy was a true friend who always had my best interests. I had never felt like this before.”

Glass Blowers, Katherine Gray and Nancy Callan
Glass blowers, Katherine Gray and Nancy Callan (Source: Urbanglass)

Although they separated for higher education, they turned to each other for support, advice, and creative input. Both are known for their glass powder paintings of birds in clear glass.

They are now collaborating on a collection of reed patterned panels that feature clown images and are applied using sandblasting and glazing processes. Despite having been friends for 20 years, the two have very little in common.

Katherine Gray family

The Canadian-born Katherine public persona focuses solely on her work. She never talked about her about her private affairs: her parents, marriage or family. Katherine seems focused on her work.

Glass artist Katherine Gray
Glass artist Katherine Gray (Source: Csusb)

A talented glass artist is a relatively private person who doesn’t want to attract media attention. He doesn’t want his family to go through the crowds and criticisms that the media usually creates.

Katherine Gray net worth

Katherine Gray’s estimated net worth is around $ 100,000. She is an intuition based on what she does for a living. She has not yet disclosed the exact amounts of her total assets.

Gray has won various awards and grants, including The ARC Completion Grant and the Award of Merit from the Bellevue Art Museum. He helps raise his values.

The artist has amassed sustainable money to spend on luxury homes and designer items. She is a promising artist who will increase her net worth in the coming days.