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Lashay Anderson Age, Parents Name And Bio

Lashay Anderson is so focused on caring for her loved ones and protecting them that she has not yet revealed her parents.

In the interview, when Lashay was asked about her love of acting, she mentioned her father as her motivator and support, she said that her father took her to her first ever acting class for her eighth birthday.

Lashay also said that even though it was a bit of a rogue decision for her birthday, she got along well and when she performed on stage she didn’t feel as nervous and anxious as she was when she first went there. .

Before Lashay was cast in the Rebel Cheer Squad series, she shot a short film in the promised land, which has not yet been released. Additionally, she trained at Rose Bruford College and has performed in many plays, including Alice Birch’s Boudica and Black.

Additionally, the actress received training from the Nottingham Television Workshop’s play Primadonna in 2017. In the same year, she also starred in The Power of Darkness.


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