Ingrid Hipkiss Age: how old is she?

Newshub Live Weather presenter Ingrid Hipkiss is 46 years old. She was born in Whakatane and grew up in a typical 1970s town.

She lives with her husband, Jack Tarrant, and their two children, Hunter, 12, and Brody, 8, in Auckland.

Ingrid Hipkiss husband and son
Ingrid Hipkiss husband and son (Source: Instagram)

His father worked as an engineer and his mother practiced law. She had also started her legal career. He worked as a legal executive, the equivalent of a paralegal.

Hipkiss lived in Japan for a year while Jack had a rugby contract there. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a legal executive.

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Newshub journalist Ingrid Hipkiss Wikipedia

Newshub journalist Ingrid Hipkiss does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated to her. However, she may have one in the future.

Ingrid moved to London at 21 and worked in law firms and as a temporary agent. She has traveled a lot, but she has always loved writing. Her mother taught Ingrid the value of hard work.

After working as a press journalist, Ingrid Hipkiss began her career as a political journalist for 3 News in 2002.

After two years abroad, she worked as a Nightline presenter, Campbell Live reporter and Sunrise news reader before becoming 3 News weather presenter in 2013.

Hipkiss took over the Paul Henry Show morning position after host Hilary Barry stepped down in 2016.

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Salary and net worth of Ingrid Hipkiss

Ingrid Hipkiss’ salary and net worth are still a mystery. She did not disclose how much money she will receive as a Newshub Late host.

According to, the median salary for a reporter is NZ $ 51,172. Journalists with less than one year of experience, one to four years of experience, five to nine years of experience, and ten to nineteen years of experience can expect to earn NZ $ 40,946, NZ $ 48,069, NZ $ 58,501 and NZ $ 58.501.

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