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RIP: Who Is Sat Gill? Meninder Dhaliwal Shooting

On Sunday, another gang shot and killed Meninder Dhaliwal outside a hotel in Whistler. He was the brother of Harpreet Dhaliwal, who was also similarly killed near Coal Harbor Quay last year.

According to the Vancouver Sun, Meninder was seen on video lying face down in a pool of blood next to another man. Meninder died from his injuries.

In May 2021, the Vancouver Police Department presented six criminals, including the two remaining brothers, Meninder and Barinder, on a warning poster. Meninder was reportedly arrested with a gun near the Hardside Hells Angels chapter clubhouse in Surrey in November 2020. In any case, he has not been charged.

In a daytime # shootout in #whistler on Sunday, #MeninderDhaliwal, 29, was one of two men killed. The identity of the second victim is unknown

Meninder and Gurpreet were passengers in a jeep when it crashed near the clubhouse and two loaded weapons were discovered inside. By the time the firefighters arrived after 8am, Meninder, believed to be driving, had already left.

Police discovered two cans of vodka, as well as two guns, in the Jeep. Both firearms were found on the floor of the front passenger and driver’s seats. They were semi-automatic pistols that could not be loaded with certain magazines.

Gurpreet arrived on the scene wearing his Hells Angels perspective vest. He was also found with visible white powder on his nostrils and a small bag of what appeared to be cocaine.

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