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Tadej Pogacar Fiance Urska Zigart Age Gap

Urska Zigart is the partner of cyclist and two-time Tour de France winner, Tadej Pogačar. She was born in Slovenska, Bistrica, Slovenia on December 4, 1996.

Zigart, a Slovenian professional cyclist, currently rides for the UCI Women’s WorldTeam Team BikeExchange – Jayco.

He excelled in every subject during elementary school. The cyclist wanted her to eat because she had played volleyball in the past.

The Slovenian then moved to another institution, where she decided to impress everyone, especially herself, during the first semester. However, Urska initially didn’t know she had a problem.

He suffered from anorexia, which decreased his weight in six months, from 50 kg to 40 kg.

Her parents took immediate action to prevent her from developing a more severe case of anorexia. The girl was not physically frail despite her losing weight. She could run ten kilometers and she continued to practice volleyball.

There is not much about his parents, although we know they were Slovenians.


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