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What Happened To Denny Hamlin? Disqualification Controversy

Denny Hamlin made a controversial decision that also impacted the gambling industry. Elliott, who finished third and never led a lap, was crowned the winner.

According to the Associated Press, NASCAR claimed that since April 17, 1960, no apparent winner had been disqualified. Although NASCAR implemented new disqualification rules in 2019, this was a rare incident.

“Following the conclusion of the event, all bets will be settled based on the preliminary results provided by the government organization. At the end of the race, any changes to the order of arrival resulting from appeals, fines or scoring errors will not be taken into account. consideration “.

In other words, the winner is the person who reaches the finish line first. That was Hamlin in Sunday’s race. On Monday morning, BetMGM said Elliott’s tickets would not be honored.

Many people have also bet on Elliott.


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