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What Happened To Timcast IRL? Tim Pool Shut Down Livestream On YouTube- Why?

“TimCast” reporter Tim Pool revealed Monday that Twitter has ended its right to promote.

The case of Tim Pool demonstrates that hate speech against LGBTQ people is poorly monitored on YouTube.

In a video that was posted on YouTube the week before, right-wing influencer Tim Pool made a serious accusation.

Additionally, he posted that Twitter warned him that it had ceased all of its advertising postings amid ongoing discussions for his post; we hope that it will be resolved soon.

contacting my advertising agency about how we can run ads saying that Twitter protects pedophiles in Times Square

After being blocked by Twitter on Thursday for criticizing a Media Matters reporter who claimed media organizations were anti-LGBTQ for their criticism of “groomers”, author and mathematician James Lindsay criticized Twitter and its alleged targeting those who do.

“I agree with @Timcast. Twitter actively offers refuge and support to pedophiles and others who attempt to recruit children for gender cults,” Lindsay wrote, firmly supporting Pool.

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