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What Illness Did Howie Mandel Have? Why Is He Missing From AGT? Where Is He Today?

Presenter Terry Crews revealed that Mandel missed part of the show due to illness. However, she made her comeback tonight. For many years, America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel has been open about his battles with tension and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). In the interview, the jury talked about his fight with People magazine.

Mandel shared the painful moment and the struggle of anxiety. He said: ‘if he doesn’t laugh, then he’s crying. Perhaps, he still does not open up to the dark and ugly side of the health problem.

Howie Mandel reflects on his lifelong battles with mental illness (Source: Twitter )

Additionally, comedian Mandel has suffered from OCD since childhood, although his status has not been identified until adulthood. He talked about his plight of him in the Everyday Health interview.

In 2010, he mentioned he was obsessed with germs. He cleaned and showered after a shower. He didn’t even touch his shoelace because he touched the ground. The comedian struggles at a young age.


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