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Where Is Sheryl Underwood Now? Is She Still On The Talk?

Fans noted that Underwood, who weighed 230 pounds at most, looked remarkably thin. The guest appearance was praised on Twitter by users.

In addition to sharing his strategies, Underwood revealed that he has lost 50 pounds. He found that getting enough rest, being active, practicing gratitude, praying, and drinking water were all helpful.

The host said he relied on Metamucil, a fiber supplement, and always made sure to include it in his diet while keeping it visible.

Underwood then began eating high-fiber breads and breakfast cereals. Additionally, she reduced her intake of highly processed foods and her stress level by increasing her movement level.

Additionally, Underwood often weighed himself to determine if his dietary changes were effective, unlike some people who avoided using scales.

She explained that she weighed herself when she woke up, came home from work and before going to bed. She then she continued: “I am also trying to drink eight glasses of water every day”,


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