Who are Inass Touloub’s parents?

According to Closer, Inass Toubloub’s parents are Ahmed Toubloub and Halima El Bakhti. Inass’s parents had seven other children, including three girls and four boys.

Image of Inass Touloub reconstructed after the discovery of his body.
Image of Inass Touloub reconstructed after the discovery of his body. (Source: France3-Regioni)

Brother Inass was arrested for another crime. His DNA was taken while he was in police custody. Later, his DNA matched the murder case from 30 years ago. The police therefore found reasonable doubts to reopen the case of martyrdom and accuse the parents.

Parents were arrested on 12 June 2018. Inass’s mother, who is over 65, said she was not responsible. Conversely, Inass’s father shares a similar story in which the cause of her daughter’s death is his ex-wife.

In addition, she was responsible for helping, fostering and hiding the child’s lifeless body. The death of the child was a tragedy that shook the community after the discovery of her killers.

2022 update of the murder case of Inass Touloub

The perpetrators of the murder of a 4-year-old girl were arrested and detained. They were responsible for the murder and chronic violence against a child under 15. Her parents face her life in prison.

The Inass Touloub memorial was buried in the cemetery near the A10.
The Inass Touloub memorial was buried in the cemetery near the A10. (Source: Liberation)

However, they were placed in pre-trial detention. Ahmed Toublou and Halima El Bakhti were released from prison in June 2019 and August 2020.

The court explains that release is not their permanent freedom; instead, they are under house arrest with electronic monitoring.

Due to Ahmed Toublou’s heart condition, his children took care of him and hosted him at his home.

After hearing the case, people are demanding severe action against the perpetrators of their crime. Crime lacked humanity and compassion. It was a real tragedy in which parents were responsible for killing their children.

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Why was Inass Touloub killed? What happened?

Inass Toubloub’s parents have a mixed statement. Inass’s mother denies her involvement, while her father blames her mother.

She claims she was responsible for pushing Inass down the stairs after his death. She was responsible for depositing her body on the edge of the A10 motorway.

August 11, 1987. At the edge of the A 10 motorway, two agents of the Cofiroute company find a lifeless body.

The body of a four-year-old boy showed many signs of violence, including blows, burns and bites. According to the investigation, it was difficult to identify the victim.

Subsequently, the body was buried in the cemetery of Suevres. Everyone has abandoned the child. She was called ” A little martyr of the A10.

Overall, due to a lot of red herrings and no definitive evidence. The case remained cold for over 30 years, but due to fate, the case was reopened and the perpetrators were caught.