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Who Is Nicky Nightmare Father If Not Dave Navarro? All About His Celebrity Parents

Nicky Nightmare has claimed in numerous videos that she has famous parents.

Likewise, he claimed in a recent video that his dad has an amazing singing voice and that he didn’t teach him to play the guitar.

Some of his fans believe he is the son of legendary singer Dave Navarro, but other sources disagree. Navarro is an American singer and television personality known for his work with the rock band Jane’s Addiction.

Nicky Nightmare is a TikTok star. (Source: Instagram)

Dave was the guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers from 1993 to 1998. He was also a member of the Deconstruction and The Panic Channel, both groups linked to Jane’s Addiction.

The singer told Insider in February 2022 that he is “unfamiliar” with Nicky Nightmare and is not her father. In a separate video, the TikTok star addressed rumors of her, telling fans that while she never claimed that Dave Navarro is her father, Google says she is.

When some of the spy sources spoke to a spokesperson for Google, the official explained that Google’s artificial intelligence presents self-generated answers and highlights the results of the most useful questions only when the information is already available on the internet.

However, if the necessary information is not available on the Internet, it becomes difficult for the website to provide the appropriate answers. Nicky has yet to reveal the identity of her real father.

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